FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very important for a big day and difficult task. We understand your concerns and based on our experience of working with different clients, especially the foreigners, we have compiled 30 questions and answers. We hope that it will help you with some valuable information before deciding on booking your wedding photographer. 


1. How much do you charge ?  We offer several different basic packages; and it also depends on your requirements and expectations. These include your locations, our travel schedule and your budget. We can make some quotes for you. So please feel free to contact us for the most suitable package for you. 

2. What is your style ? My style in wedding photography is a combination of respect for authenticity, a documentary outlook and my own creative expression. I’m a witness and story-teller who will capture specific moments of your wedding day through images. But with portrait or couple sessions, I will have some suggestions for inspiration, help you in shaping or doing something creative, which will save your time and get incredible photos.

3. How long have you been in business, how many weddings have you photographed and what achievements have you made ? I have been a professional wedding photographer since 2011, and have conducted more than 500 professional photoshoots, including weddings and engagements.  My clients are not only in Vietnam but also others come from different countries all over the world. My work is not limited to Viet Nam. I’ve also photographed in Australia, Europe, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand...I am one of the winners of the grand prize of JuneBug (one of the largest wedding magazine in the world) and have received awards from some of the most prestigious wedding photo communities in the world, including Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, Mywed Wedding...

4. What gear do you use ? We only use top of the line of Fujifilm and Sony.

5. Can you tell us something more about yourself ? Photography is my passion, and an endless source of fun for me. Because of it, I have the chance to go to many places, to meet people from new lands, to be free to discover and learn new things. I’m a quiet guy but I have a good sense of humor. I’m always able to listen and sympathize. 

6. Why should we choose you for our wedding ? We have many years of experience, especially with the foreigners. We have met and dealt with many different and unexpected situations. We also have won many major awards, and our images are widely recognized in the most prestigious wedding communities all over the world. We always make every effort to make you feel comfortable with us, so that you’ll know we’re effective and trustworthy when working with us. We don't just take pictures; we also give you some advices to prepare such as locations, suppliers, vendors, accommodation, etc. We have high sense of responsibility and always ensure that we follow the schedule as committed. We use the best equipment to capture the highest quality pictures because we know that every moment of your wedding day is valuable and cannot be repeated. We also have a good working method and are flexible. We're hard working and dedicated to our work.


7. What type of wedding have you photographed ? I have taken various kind of weddings: Beach wedding, tropical wedding, wedding on boats, in churches, pagodas, buddhist blessing wedding, elopement wedding, same sex wedding, Western, Vietnam, China, Hongkong, in sunny , under the rain and even in storm.

8. Do you travel for work? Any extra cost? I love traveling, and I'm willing to go anywhere. I often go to different countries in Asia and Europe for my work. With far-away locations, there will be some extra fees to cover our team’s transportation and accommodation.  However, we will make the best deal for you.

9. Do you take destination wedding/pre-wedding for foreigners ? Yes, 80% of my clients are foreigners who come to Vietnam for wedding or pre-wedding photoshoot. We provide a full range of consultation on the package, locations, preparation and some related issues such as: wedding planners, videographers, dresses vendors, accommodation...etc. We have regularly worked to connect with the best wedding planners and suppliers in Viet Nam.

10. Do you take LGBT wedding pictures ? I respect gender equality in love. I am always interested in shooting for LGBT couples.

11. Do you take engagement, honeymoon, family…? Yes, in addition to wedding, I also often take pictures of these category.

12. Do you provide wedding dresses ? We don't provide wedding dresses, but we can introduce you to suppliers we know who are suitable to your style. You may have some best offers from them, if we refer you. 

13. Do you provide make-up & hair services ? We have make-up and hair artists for every package. Our style is luxurious, pure, clean and in line with photography. You will be yourself but more beautiful. Tell us your make-up style and we will do it exactly for you. With a pre-wedding package, the make-up artist will follow you all day and take care of you. You can book a trial make-up session if you want and pay a little extra cost for this.

14. Do you design and print photo albums ? We have album design and print services with the latest technology to produce the best product. Albums will be sent to your home and you will pay the shipping fee for this.

15. Do you offer videography ? Some studios have a video team, but we focus solely on the best of our expertise in photography. We would be pleased to introduce to you to our video partners, who are one of the leading videographers in Viet Nam. We are longtime partners, and will together capture the best scenes and pictures of your wedding. 

16. How many people are in your team ? We have three photographers, two make-up artists, two coordinators and one designers in the team. All team members have worked with me for long time. All of my full-day packages have a second photographer, with two people, we ensure that there are no missing moments and we have all angles covered on your wedding day. With a large weddings with many guests and activities you can also book a third photographer as well.


17. How long before we receive the pictures ? How many pictures and what quality ? You will receive all edited images about four to five weeks after your wedding day. In case, you need them sooner, we will prioritize your pictures for a small additional fee. Normally, you will receive 500 to 1000 edited images for a full day wedding, depending on the length and content of the event. All images are sent via link in high quality under .JPG format so that you can print them later. 

18. How do you edit the images ? Editing images is a balance of blending colors, lighting and contrast with our general style. We’re very careful for this step. We respect true natural elements, so the pictures will not be over photoshopped in any way. We only offer advanced retouching for pre-wedding packages (with limited images) if you require items such as smoothing skin, tapering body parts, etc.

19.How do we send pictures to clients ? We will send all your pictures via email, through online photo hosting services such as Dropbox service.

20. How long will photos be stored on hosting ? We have hundreds of customers each year with huge numbers of images, and can’t store all of them for a long time. However, all your photos will be stored on the server free of charge for four months. If you want to store longer or permanently, there will be some fees. You can always back up the photos yourself and upload them to a free hosting service. We recommend you do this. 

21. Will clients get the original/raw pictures on the wedding day ? As with other professional photographers, the original pictures on weddings will be edited by us before delivery to clients. We can’t give you the unfinished images. If you really need the original files, you will have to pay the extra cost. 

22. Can I see more pictures from the weddings ? We usually give each customer about 500 to 1000 edited pictures for a full day wedding, depending on the package and can't not upload all of them on the website. However, if you want to see more images pls let me know.

23. How about the copyright ? As with all professional photographers, all pictures belong to photographers, TIN Wedding Photography. Which means we have the right to use all the pictures to introduce about our services, submitting for prize competitions, etc. In case, clients want to have the copyright of all the pictures, they must inform us before signing the booking and pay the extra royalties fee.


24. How long in advance do we have to book ? Usually, our clients book six to 12 months in advance, sometimes a couple months. However, the peak season is April, May, November and December. We usually have a lot of bookings during this time. So you need to book as soon as possible to ensure a certain date for you. The principle of our work is first come, first serve. We treat all of our clients equally.

25. Can we change the date after the book ? If for any unforeseen reasons (bad weather, sudden illness ...), you can change date without incurring any costs. However, you only can change it one time and contact us as soon as possible. The new date will be reschedule based on our schedule at that time.

26. What if I can’t attend on the show ? This has never happened in the past 8 years. I’m a very responsible person, and know how to make sure everything is the best before each photoshoot. However, in any circumstances where I can’t show up for the event, I will send two photographers from our team to cover for me. They are experienced people, have been trained by me and work for me for many years. 

27. Do we need to prepare a meal for the photographers at the wedding ? With a full-day wedding, we have to work constantly, and we do not have time to go out. It’s very nice if  we  can have a hot meal served at the time, rather than an old nutrition bar in my bag. However, if it’s inconvenient for you, just let us know in advance so that we can prepare our own food for the team. For half-day weddings (less than five hours), you will not need to worry about this.

28. Can we meet before the photo shoot ? Sure, we can meet before the shoot, but we will need to schedule the meeting in advance because we are often busy with other clients, on assignment or traveling around. We can always contact us via WhatsApp, Email and Facebook. This is good way for both of us to remember all the details of the shoot that we have discussed.


29. Do you have any promotions ? We have some discount programs (upgrade and increase the time of package, no charge for transportation, free bouquet etc). It depends on the time of year and my travel schedule or if you book various packages at same time. If you are hesitant about anything, please contact us for further consultation.

30. How does the confirmation procedure work? What is the payment method ? First, fill out the booking form the send it back to us via email, or you can give us your information, selected package, shooting date and we will prepare it). After receiving the booking form or your confirmation, we will secure the booking within two days while waiting for the first payment from you. The first payment for deposit is 50% of the value of the package. We will let you know immediately after we receive the first payment that your package has been secured.

[ Note: This content is compiled only for TIN Wedding Photography customers, please do not copy in any form without our consent ]